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We offer different size student apartments in Hämeenlinna and Riihimäki. Electricity, water and the laundry room is included in the rent!

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Use of electricity, water and the laundry room is included in the rent, so there will be no additional fees for using these services. Most of the apartments come with a bed (no mattress), desk and a shelf. The kitchen will contain a table and some chairs. You are free to bring your own furniture into the apartment. The renovated buildings Hattelmala H2 and Riihimäki Merkuriuksenkatu 7 and Kampuskaarre 1 are rented without furniture. You can discuss any issues related to housing, recreation and hobbies with the property manager or housing committee members. 

Residency rights

Residency right to student housing end six months after the completion of one’s studies.

Apartment subleasing

You can sublease your apartment while you are not actively using it, e.g. during the summer break, once you have informed the property manager.

Summer-time rent

You can keep renting your student apartment (only shared apartments!) for half the cost during June, July and August by returning your key to the property manager (not including singles). You can leave your belongings in the apartment and they will be there when you return, saving you the hassle of moving. 

Switching apartments

If you wish to move into another HOPS apartment, please contact the housing manager. Switching apartments will require a 40 euro administrative fee.


You can collect the keys to your apartment from the HOPS office once you have transferred the security deposit to The Hämeenlinna Student Housing Foundation bank account and signed the lease form. Each tenant will receive one key, apart from family apartment tenants, who receive two. The keys are protected, so having one copied is forbidden. Should you lose the key to your apartment, you can receive another one from the building manager in exchange for a fee. For the first lost key, the fee is 45 €, and any following loses result in having to pay the costs of having the locks replaced. 

In Hämeenlinna keys can be returned outside office hours by dropping them in an envelope through the post-hatch on the office bottom level door. The envelope must have the tenants name and address. 

Key service

If you lock yourself out of your apartment, please contact the maintenance company of your area who have the master key. The maintenance person will charge a fee for opening the door. 

Laundry rooms

Laundry rooms have a reservation book, where residents can book a time. To ensure the smooth running of the laundry rooms, we recommend that you don’t book the washing machines for longer than two hours at a time. Please be sure to cancel your reservation if you can’t use it, as otherwise it goes unused. Please avoid making unnecessary reservations two or three weeks ahead of time. 

Sauna times

Sauna heating and reservation times are found in the reservation lists in front of the saunas. Reservations are made individually with the manager. The fee for a sauna reservation is 6€/month

Storage facilities

In each apartment there is a storage closet, where you can storage private belongings. 

Return of the security deposit

The security deposit (250€) will be returned to you, once you have handed in your keys, paid all due rent and possible fees and your apartment has been inspected and found clean after you have moved out. The lease form states the student housing foundation can use the security deposit to cover possible claims. In the event of the apartment being damaged, we will claim the costs from the resident. Examples of possible claims include:

  • Replacing a door, 85 €
  • Cleaning 60 €/h
  • Replacing a toilet, 335 €
  • Replacing a toilet cistern, 170 €
  • Replacing a sink, 120 €
  • Installing a light, 25 €
  • Light cover, 25 €
  • Modem 80 €

Larger repairs, such a painting or carpeting will be charged individually depending on the scale of the damage and costs.

Recreational activities

For information on recreational activities in different housing sites, please contact the resident committee members (also, see the notice boards). It is also possible to seek funds for recreational activities that improve housing atmosphere and resident satisfaction from the student housing foundation. Funds are petitioned through the residents committee and the foundation administration.

Fault notifications

Fault notifications can be emailed to housing info/fault notifications or by the fault notification form. In urgent cases you can telephone the maintenance person’s service number.

Rent payment

The rent is determined by housing costs. Hämeenlinna Student  Housing Foundation does not seek profits through renting.

The rent is paid monthly, in advance, at the latest by the 5th of each month by personal bank transfer. Remember to fill in the reference number when paying on a bank self-service machine. The reference number is individual and personal. 

Should you face temporary difficulties paying the rent be sure to contact the building manager and settle a delayed payment on your rent. Should the rent be late for a month we will send you a payment reminder, where we collect the unpaid rent. 

After two months of neglected rent payments, we turn the matter over to a collection agency, which will turn to the magistrate’s court for a verdict, possibly resulting in lease termination and eviction. You would be responsible for the additional charges on top of the rent collection. This kind of forced collection will show on your credit rating and may harm future employment possibilities.

Lease termination

The lease can be terminated three months in advance by the Hämeenlinna Student Housing Foundation. If you wish to termitate your lease then you should give one months notice. The termination period is calculated one month ahead from the last day of the month, when termination is declared. The lease can also terminated faster, if the tenant gives cause for it, either through their behaviour or neglect. Rights to student housing, end six months after the the end of studies. Be sure to also make a formal notification. To terminate your lease please download the lease termination form (pdf) . This form cannot be sent electronically because the document requires a valid signature. You should print out the form, sign it and send it to the HOPS office.

Internet connections

All HOPS student apartments have wired internet connections. There is no additional fee for internet, as it is included in the rent. 

To find out if your hardware is compatible or for further information please contact Telia Customer Service tel.0200 11611, Telia Fault service tel. 020 690 400

Rules and regulations

To ensure the health, comfort and safety of all of our residents, we require that all residents not only follow the law, statutes and city regulations, but also the following rules and regulations.

Residents and their guests are to conduct themselves in a manner that does not compromise the household peace in the building, and are further responsible for any damage caused by themselves or their guests. 

Any activity that disturbes others such as playing, singing or other noisy activities are forbidden between 10 pm and 7 am.

There should be no excessive noise made in the common facilities, nor should one loiter in them. All belongings are to be stored in the facilities assigned to that purpose. All doors to common facilities should be kept locked at all times.

Smoking is forbidden in all apartments and common facilities.

Paintings and posters should only be hung up with tacks or small painting hooks. Nothing is to be attached to the walls by gluing, taping or any other method that would stain the walls. Drilling holes into the walls is strictly forbidden.

Keeping household pets is allowed only with permission from the manager and your room-mate (if in a dorm room). Pets are not allowed in Kauratie and Kampuskaarre 1.

If there are any perceived faults with water taps, pipes, radiators, or similar problems, either in the apartment or common facilities, a fault report should be sent to maintenance immediately. 

Rubbish must be separated according to instructions and disposed of in the appropriate bins. Any waste or junk inappropriate for regular disposal (e.g. televisions, computers, furniture, etc) should be taken by the resident themselves to the appropriate disposal place.

Violating these rules and regulations may make you liable to compensations or termination of lease! 

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