HOPS gives more.

We offer different size student apartments in Hämeenlinna and Riihimäki. Electricity, water and the laundry room is included in the rent!

Exchange / Degree students

Contact information

At the moment our office will only serve you when necessary in exceptional circumstances, in this case, please call 0102287010 or send an email hops@retta.fi in advance to evaluate the need to visit the office.

HOPS Hämeenlinna office Realia Isännöinti Oy
Raatihuoneenkatu 17, 3krs., 13100 Hämeenlinna
Tel. 010 2287010
Feedback: hops@retta.fi


The most typical type of housing available from the foundation is a double-room flat, which is suitable for two people sharing or a small family. Most of the apartments come with basic furniture. All residences have access to washing-, sauna- and recreational facilities, which the foundation has equipped according to the wishes of the residents.

Basic furniture includes bed, mattress, desk, chair, bookshelf, dining table and chairs. Kitchen has fridge and stove, no tableware, drapes or linen cloths included.


Rental prices are average 310 euros per residence (shared dorms) in Hämeenlinna. Family apartments around 611 – 694 €/month. The rent includes all housing related services, such as electricity, water and internet. Riihimäki rentals are on average 245 – 320 € (dorm). Deposit is 250,00€. If you cancel your rental agreement one month (or earlier) before your tenancy begins, you will get half of your deposit back. If you cancel your rental agreement later than that, you won’t get your deposit back.

Foundation residences

All of our residences are located in prime areas with excellent connections to public transportation. There are also great connections between educational facilities and local towns and villages.


The Hämeenlinna Student Housing Foundation has provided the Hämeenlinna area with housing services for students of various educational facilities since 1987. Our most notable benefactor is the city of Hämeenlinna, which has designated several properties to the foundation, such as Visakylä and Kampuskaarre, as well as organising the initial funding for our development projects. In the Summer of 2005 we also expanded into Riihimäki, where we have 139 apartments.


The foundation board has three student members, one of whom is selected by the residents themselves. The administration is assisted in residency affairs by a residents committee, which is comprised of representatives selected by each individual unit. The foundation organises regular residents nights and different events to improve housing quality and information flow.

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